Menus. The one thing you see at every catering and restaurant website. They are also the one thing you won't see here. At Catered Whims, we do things a little differently. We don't provide the menu, you do. You tell us what you want, and we will cost it out and tell you a price. This allows us to source everything as freshly and as locally as possible, and always give you the best possible price that we can. By putting you in the driver's seat, you take back control of your event, and it lets us focus on what's important, making great tasting food! Return to Main Page

How this works:

When you call us, we will ask you some basic questions:

1. How many people

2. What type of event (Cocktail Party, Tailgate Party, Dinner, Wedding, etc.)

3. What is your budget (We use this to make sure we are able to stay inside of your guidelines if possible)

4. What selections do you want? (see below)

5. What type of service do you want? (Plated, Buffet, Drop off, etc.)

6. When and where is your event going to be held.

Once we get your list of selections, and how you want it served, we will be able to give you an estimated price based upon what we have sourced lately for similar dishes and you will have a good idea what it should cost to cater the event. The tables below should help you with serving sizes and links to ideas.

Selection Categories and Recommended Quantities

Small, single-bite items, usually savory. Served before the meal and are used to complement and/or preview the meal.

3-5 items per person (Pre-meal)

10-15 (Tasting menu or dinner by bite)

12-18 (2 hr reception with no dinner)

Can be a hearty soup, or a light clear broth (consommé)

One bowl (10-12 oz) or cup (6-8 oz) per person

Can be a separate course before the entree or as the entree. Can be a light, delicate item to contrast the main dish if it is separate. Usually followed by a palate cleanser.

Depends on the type of seafood and recipe, but usually 3-8 ounces per person.

Palate Cleansers

"Cleans" the mouth in preparation for the next course. Found spaced throughout the meal wherever the chef feels it is needed. Also aids in digestion.

Usually, one serving per person spaced throughout the meal, depending on the number of courses.

The main meal. Can consist of 1-3 side dishes that accompany the dish. Can be vegetarian, but usually is a protein, a starch, and vegetables. (Neat Fact: Entrées used to be the beginning of a meal, but now is often used to refer to the main course)

Entrées are 4-8 ounces of the protein, with 4-6 ounces of each side, per person. For example, a pasta entree would be about 4 ounces of pasta with 3-4 ounces of sauce, plus sides if any.

Can be served before or after the entrée and can be crisp or wilted, cold or warm.

Serving size is about 4 ounces per person as a side salad, 8 ounces as a main course


Served alongside the meal usually before and/or with the entrée. Can be plain or seasoned to complement the meal.

Approximately 2 pieces per person depending on size and meal.


Normally served near the end of the meal, unless used as part of the appetizers. Classically divided up between a selection of cheeses starting with soft cheeses, to extra hard. Normally 3-6 selections are made, and are served with a fruit compote, nuts, or lightly dressed greens depending on the cheese.

Cheeses come in soft, semi-soft, semi-firm, hard, extra hard, and bleu varieties. Anticipate 3-5 pieces per person for an after dinner offering and is usually accompanied by a beverage.

The finish to the meal, the dessert can be light, or decadent. The heavier the dessert, the more likely to be served with coffee or something similar to balance out the sweetness.

Depending on the choice of dessert, anticipate 1-2 servings per person.

(Items that require special sourcing may increase the cost)