Here are some appetizer ideas to whet your appetite. Remember that the best appetizers are simple to eat, one to two bites, and usually complement the meal (if there is one). If you don't see something that strikes your fancy, give this a look!

Cold Appetizers - served either chilled or at room temperature. Canapés, cheeses, and Fruit, Veggie, and Meat trays usually fit the bill.


Crudités - fresh vegetables and fruits served with your choice of dips and dressings

Antipasto - an assortment of cured meats, olives, peppers, mushrooms, other vegetables, often to taste

Cheese platter - a variety of cheeses served on a platter.

Charcuterie platter - Dried or preserved meats often found with a cheese platter nearby.

Fruit Trays - Assorted fresh fruits arranged on a tray sometimes with a sweetened spread or dipping sauce.


Bruschetta/Crostini/toast points - grilled/toasted bread (the difference is the type of bread used) topped with a variety of toppings (pesto, pate, tapenade, salmon, beef, asparagus, almost anything!).

Canapé - Like a bruschetta or crostini, but with a puff pastry, filo dough or cracker base instead of bread or toast.

Pita slices with Hummus - Lightly grilled or toasted Pita bread sections with Fresh Hummus (your choice of seasonings and type of beans used)

Hors d'oeuvres - kind of the middle ground between cold and hot appetizers, designed to be eaten by hand.

Chips - tortilla chips with vegetable salsa or guacamole (or both!) Your choice of heat level.

Ceviche - citrus-cured seafood served with chilis and other flavors (must be served as fresh as possible after making it!!) Seafood used based upon availability.

Cheese wrapped in Prosciutto - slices of provolone or mozzarella rolled up with slices of thin-sliced prosciutto.

Deviled eggs - boiled egg halves filled with a seasoned egg salad

Shrimp Cocktail - Cooked shrimp, cooled and served with a cocktail sauce (Ketchup, horseradish, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce)

Stuffed tomatoes - Cherry, Grape, or plum tomatoes stuffed with a seasoned spread.

Hot Appetizers - Cooked in some fashion (including steamed, grilled, or deep fried) but are served hot.

Brie en Croute - a wheel of brie cheese sealed and baked inside of a puff pastry shell, can be stuffed with nuts and/or fruits and served with apples, or toasted bread.