When it comes to main courses, something to keep in mind when planning your party is how complex the dish is, and what is the main protein (beef, chicken, pork, Seafood, lamb, etc.

Just keep in mind, that the more complicated the dish is, the more it will cost per person, both in preparation time and the cost of ingredients.

Below, we have listed some common entrees by protein source. As always, if you don't see something you would like, just ask. This is just to help kickstart your own creative juices.


Beef can be served in several ways from raw to charred. Always understand the risks associated with lightly or undercooked meat before ordering. Most every part of the cow can be used to make food.


Like Beef, most every part of the pig can be used for food production, even the skin. However, Pork cannot be eaten raw.


What used to be the most expensive meat during the 1800's is now the most common today. Like Pork, Chicken should not be consumed raw, and is only considered safe at higher temperatures, around 165 °F (74 °C). Also like Pork, the skin can be eaten when properly prepared.


This includes fish and shellfish from clams to crabs and lobsters to sea urchins. Fish are usually more delicate in nature and require cooking methods tempered to suit the meat. You can categorize fish by texture and by flavor; from delicate to firm, and from mild to full-flavored. Some fish can be served raw.

Mutton and Lamb