Catered Whims offers a wide variety of customized services, each tailored to your specifications. Please take a look at some of our service opportunities. If you don't see something that fits your event, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you to create it!

Customized Catering Events

Unlike traditional Caterers, we let you set the menu because it's your event. For any occasion, our Event Coordinators work hand in hand with you to bring your personal touch to the occasion. Every care is taken to make sure that you get the event you want at a reasonable price regardless of venue.

After the initial consultation, we take your menu and source as much of it as possible with local vendors. If something is out of season, or can't be sourced locally, we do our utmost to find you the best prices possible. This helps us keep your costs down, and makes sure that you know that your money stays in the area, benefiting your neighbors and friends.

If you have a food sensitivity, allergy, or religious food restriction, please let us know and we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs where possible.

Bespoke Dining

One of the services that Catered Whims is excited to offer is Bespoke Dining. "Bespoke" or "Custom" dining is where you set up the menu for a small dinner event (2-6 people).

Simply choose the level of service you would like, and then depending on that level of service, we will do the shopping, come to your home, prepare the meal, serve the meal, clean up the kitchen, wash the dishes, then leave. If you don't have the proper pans, plates or cutlery to prepare and serve the meal that's fine, because we do.

Depending on the meal you want, we may need a little extra lead time to prepare the food properly. Some complex dishes take several hours or longer complete the cooking process. We can even do themed dinners (Valentines, Anniversary, etc.)

Cooking Classes

Ever want to learn how to work with puff pastry? Sauces not saucy enough? Just want to try something new? We can work with you in your own kitchen to show you what you need to know. That's because we cook by method, not by recipe. A recipe should be a guide to what you cook, not how you cook it. Once you know the "how" and "why", the "what" becomes easy. Group classes are dependent upon venue availability. We are currently in the process of renovating space for a cooking school.

Some of our class topics include:

Sauces and gravies

Home-made pastas

Essentials of Flavor

Meat Fabrication

Knife skills

and more!

Small Parties

Having a bunch of friends over for the big game? Surprise birthday party? Let us take care of the food, so you can take care of your guests!

Let us know what you have in mind, or if you want suggestions, just say the word!


Ask about our concession stand specials! Why watch the game from the stand when you can watch it from the stands! Don't miss another big play with us in the kitchen!

Cooking Parties

Honeyed chicken from Westeros? Lembas bread from Rivendale? Mrs. Patmore's Christmas pudding? You and your friends can get in on the fun with a themed cooking party. Learn how to prepare some of the dishes you see on your favorite tv shows. Parties can be hands-on or demonstration only, depending on selections, available space, time, and equipment.

Learn how to make foods and snacks from:

Downton Abbey

Game of Thrones

Harry Potter

The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings

Doctor Who

Star Trek

and others...

Ask us about your favorite show!